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Business Startups

You have started your new business. Now what?

We can help!

There are several items you should consider.

  • What bookkeeping software will you use?

  • Who will perform your bookkeeping?

  • How will you maintain your bookkeeping records?

  • What point of sale (POS) system will you use? How will this work in connection to your bookkeeping software?

  • What are your reporting requirements? 

  • What are your payroll, GST, and Corporate tax obligations?

  • How are you going to pay yourself?

Time and time again, we find new businesses limiting themselves by making these decisions without consulting an accountant. We offer services to get your business set up, and get you started addressing your bookkeeping Medicine Hat AB, tax, and accounting needs.

As your accountant Medicine Hat, we will customize our services to your business and your preferences so you can find the perfect combination of delegation and control. Making business decisions is easiest and most effective when based on accurate, current and high quality information. The ideal approach to bookkeeping and point of sale (POS) software is where software integrates, and can use information from both systems to synthesize various reports.

We highly recommend you consult us today as your accountant to learn more about the best software applications to suit your small businesses bookkeeping, reporting and tax needs.

Why is the software so important?

Software can either hinder your business or help it succeed. From an accounting firm Medicine Hat perspective, software allows you to generate meaningful reports and provide useful information to make business decisions. The effectiveness of these reports depends on the quality of the data. 

So what bookkeeping software produces the highest quality of data? At the end of the day, if all bookkeeping and administrative software is integrated, information will communicate between bookkeeping and administrative applications so that you minimize duplicate work. As you can guess, remove duplicate procedures will make you more efficient, but will also allow useful data and information to be gathered by your bookkeeping software to generate better reports.

Software and bookkeeping applications are in abundance, so it can be overwhelming deciding which software will best suit your needs. To make things even more difficult, a lot of software don't necessarily perform as advertised. 

We have resources and experience to help you find the right bookkeeping applications and procedures to suit your industry, and your individual bookkeeping needs. 

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